As Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Specialists we treat pain and dysfunction associated with your bones, joints, soft tissues e.g. muscles, tendons and ligaments and the nerves that control them. You may have sustained your injury taking part in sport, or an accident or it has just crept up on you and is now taking over your body.


Our passion for physical activity, combined with experience and top of the range facilities, means that you will be back in the game quickly. Injuries sustained from heroics in the sporting arena are common. They can include ligament sprain, muscle or tendon strain, deep bruising or haematoma, fracture of bones and concussion. We combine physio with strength and conditioning to get you back to full fitness…and beyond.


We are used to working very closely with other health professionals to build the very best possible package of care. We will work closely with your health care team to facilitate recovery in a manner that suits you.


If you are feeling pain, this is your bodies way of telling you that an area is not being used in the right way. Mostly these are the pains that creep up on you. You didn’t do anything drastic or sustain an injury to speak of but it just started hurting and now you are struggling with your day to day tasks.


Many injuries are preventable and arise due to faulty movement patterns. These patterns are known as your biomechanics. Through biomechanical analysis we can derive a great deal about the way your body attenuates stress and load, giving us a good indication as to potential injuries. Our bodies ability to move and protect itself whilst completing complex tasks needs to be razor sharp. A biomechanical assessment will allow us to highlight and re-tain faulty movement patterns.


This is also known as Long Term Athletic Development and can be aimed at the aspiring young athlete. During adolescent development there are windows of accelerated adaptation to certain training stimulus. By applying these training stimuli at the right time, we can target these windows of accelerated adaptability and help build a stronger body for life. What is more, it can help reduce risk of potential injury.


Accidents happen, that’s why they are called accidents, but they should not be allowed to have a detrimental effect on your life. We will provide a comprehensive program to put you right whatever has happened.

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