DOMS! Those aches you get after a workout aka DOMS. They reduce your performance in many ways including reduced peak force production and joint range of movement. Foam Rolling has been proven to reduce the negative impact of DOMS therefore this little bad boy is any active person’s best friend. Use them to massage, trigger point, mobilise or exercise with – if swiss army did physio tools – this is the one!


Rock Tape is a staple for us, particularly with our more active clients. The effects of sports taping are debated heavily in scientific circles and the exact mechanisms behind its effectiveness are being explored. The fact remains however, that its use is effective. At Strong Lines we use it to change pain states, facilitate lymphatic drainage or to offload joints and muscles to keep you as active as you can be whilst engaging in rehabilitation. If you require tape or wish to inquire about taping techniques that may help you, give us a shout.


Us physio’s love giving out exercises. It’s what we do! It is THE most important part of your rehab and is, 90% of the time, the bit that people are less good at sticking to. This is due to many reasons BUT, lack of equipment can now be removed from the list of excuses because we now have the new and improved pack of bands – with added umph in the stronger black band. You can use these versatile beauties to hit any muscle you wish to. They have an inverse loading curve to muscle, meaning they load the weaker areas and they have been shown to induce strength gains in line with that of more conventional weighted methods. 


Zinc tape is the oldest kind of tape in the game. You’ve seen rugby players pretty much held together by this stuff manage to go out and smash each other to bits time and time again on the big screen. Imagine what it can do for you! It offers more stability than the elasticated tape which is useful if you have a ligamentous instability e.g. repeated ankle sprains, knee ligament sprains, acromioclavicular instability it can handle most joints. This is for those who want to keep going…and going…and then go some more with the armoured effect this tape can offer.


Hydration is so important to performance, to health, even to stay looking young! When you exert, you sweat. It’s a wonderful mechanism that allows us to keep our core temperatures at an optimum level, whilst doing all kinds of activity. Originally it allowed us to be very effective hunters, as staying cool allowed us to outrun our prey over very long distances in the harshest environments, in a process known as persistence hunting. If the fluid lost as sweat is not replaced by drinking, then performance suffers. So stay on top of your game and use one of our super cool bottles to hydrate, stay looking, feeling and hunting like a pro!


There are lots of gimmicky physio tools out there which have a very loose evidence base – this is NOT one of them. This bit of kit has real evidence for real application. It can be used to gain strength and muscle mass, maintain muscle mass during injury or to facilitate increased activation of pain inhibited muscles following injury. It is useful to help reduce pain and swelling. It is a fantastic recovery aid after competition. Imagine being able to stimulate muscle growth whilst you sit on the sofa watching ‘Take Me Out’ – it’s a phenomenal piece of equipment. As a Partner practitioner we get the best rates from COMPEX UK and have access to the full range of COMPEX and DJO Global products.


Imagine something that massages you, releases tight muscles, trains you to be fast, more agile and is fun to use. Well imagine no further for it has become reality! Meet the Strong Lines trigger ball. Use it to apply pressure to release trigger points in the muscles and normalise tone. Apply it more dynamically for myofascial release, or use it as a rebound / chase tool for open chain agility and reaction drills. A great piece of kit for warm ups and training sessions, cheap effective and FUN!


Thought you could only floss your teeth? You are sorely mistaken. These bands are not messing about. You can use these to add serious load to your exercises and blast through PB’s. Also you can use them for myofascial release due to the intra and inter muscular pressure they create when wrapped around the affected limb. Use them to reduce swelling/oedema, release tethered tissues, build strength, even use them for BFR (Blood Flow Restriction) training! Another training aid that takes up zero space and is as diverse as you need it to be.


FEET!!! Yes those trotters that you pop into socks and shove into shoes on a daily basis. They are important things you know. Our feet initiate every step we take – good and bad. They are incredibly designed to cope with most terrains. In fact our feet are the main reason we are still here on this planet as a species. We evolved to be excellent travellers and can cover large distances upright on two feet whilst keeping a look out for predators/prey. These days they are somewhat undervalued and as such can be the cause of a lot of issues both in the feet themselves or further up the chain. Our Rightstride orthotics help to offer a temporary or permanent fix for positional or strength deficits that otherwise can be tricky to fix.

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