Ben Bailey 

Sports Therapist

Ben is a former Great British cyclist and joins the Strong Lines team as a qualified Sports Therapist alongside completing his Masters in Physiotherapy at the University of Lincoln. Ben is very passionate about the rehabilitation process and excels in patient led care. He uses his years of experience in the fitness industry and his work with professional rugby teams to ensure he prescribes rehabilitation and strength and conditioning programmes that are both fun and functional.

Ben uses a kinesiological approach to his therapy, which in a nutshell means that no injury is considered in isolation. Undertaking biomechanical assessments and looking at functional movement patterning and movement trains, Ben can assist with corrections that will not only ensure you are pain free, but improve performance and make you a general all round more functional human being!

Having played various sports to a high level, Ben has experienced many injuries first hand, including a serious knee injury, requiring surgery. These experiences are the reason Ben now works as a therapist and specialises in post-injury. Having been in your shoes, Ben offers a great level of empathetic care.

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