Now the Olympics are over for another four years there is going to be a natural increase in participation in sport. This is the best thing that could happen especially with the rise of obesity occurring globally. It is fantastic if you are going to take part in a new sport or just increasing activity but how prepared is your body for the demands? At Strong Lines we see a lot of people who have rushed into sports and activities without being fully prepared. Increase in training intensity, load and frequency can lead to those long lasting injuries that are going to put a stop to it all. Fine you can get fixed when you are broken but how about not getting to that point in the first place?

Injury prevention measures or “pre-habilitation” is a huge part of support in the professional and elite sporting environments that is implemented by their sports medicine teams that consists of Physiotherapists and Strength and Conditioners. We are fortunate at Strong Lines to have both under one roof.

It doesn’t matter if you are a keen team player, runner or an average gym goer, the concept is a must to allow you to keep fit for a longer period of time without injuring yourself. There are ways of preventing injury such as a structured warm up, management of training load and specific training methods to help weaknesses become strengths.

The phrase “warm up” has a spectrum of perception on what it is. Its not just about a quick quad and calf stretch before running or a light jog around the pitch before playing sport. The role of the warm up is to prepare the body for the activity. This is done by raising the heart rate in a controlled manner but also by getting the muscles that are going to be used prepared to carry out the necessary movements in the necessary planes. When you see all these structured warm ups at a rugby or football game, there has been a lot of time put into these with scientific backing and internal analysis of what is needed for that group of players.

Once you have a great warm up – then what? How high of an injury risk are you right now? Strong Lines has a tool that can tell you this (fig 1).

Injury Prevention

Figure 1. Sample taken from range of movement section of Strong Lines Screening Matrix.

Identification of injury is assessed by a screening process where we look at how you move in a specific way related to your sport. The screen consists of specific movement, flexibility and strength testing. From this we compare results to what should be “normal” and grade you on our radar graph system (fig 2).

Injury Prevention figure 2

Fig 2. Radar graph system of rating performance within the screening matrix.

The information derived from the screening process allows us to structure a programme that targets specific weaknesses or movement dysfunctions. This most importantly will help reduce risk of injury in these areas. With this process you will be able to stay active for longer and achieve the goals you want to.

If you are interested in using our screening process to not only prevent injury but also to build on your athletic performance, then contact Strong Lines Physiotherapy to use our scientific screening process available to anyone needing it. FUTUREPROOF your body.

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