Physiotherapy is the practice of musculoskeletal remedial therapy. We use scientifically proven methods of assessment to determine the most likely cause of your dysfunction. We then use both manual therapy and strength and conditioning techniques to get you better. Our aim is to provide you with the tools you need to stay active for as long as you wish. Futureproof your body and LIVE. PAIN. FREE.

£99/90mins (60+30)

Every elite sports team in the world should carry out a performance and injury prevention screening process. The reason for this is simple; it allows you to know where you are at risk of injury. The process yields data provided by you that helps us build a comprehensive, specific and individualised reconditioning programme. In doing this you can tap into your body’s potential by moving in the way it is designed. Moving well is paramount to achieving the highest level of performance.


Following injury screening or just starting from scratch –  reconditioning is the way we employ strength and conditioning techniques to build a stronger you. Commit to a long active life and recondition yourself to reach your potential.

£80/per session

Strong Lines is fully prepared to visit you in the comfort of your own home. Sometimes injury or personal circumstances make it difficult to get to us. We hope to accommodate these individual needs and have mobile equipment that makes it easy to do everything your treatment requires right in your own home. The session is an hour and in some cases this has to include travel time.

£30/Per week

The use of technical wizardry to accelerate your progress is accessible at Strong Lines. Best evidence suggests using this treatment modality at least 3 x a week to get some effect. You can however use it multiple times a day to compliment exercise therapy or so that whilst you rest, the unit does the hard work for you. Take home one of our units to get the most from your rehabilitation.


No gym equipment at home? Don’t have an expensive gym membership? Come and use our cutting edge rehabilitation facility to get your rehab done in safety, privacy and with physio’s on hand to offer quick coaching points if required.

This is also possible if you wish to use the COMPEX on site instead if hiring or buying. Now there are no excuses to not rehab!


Physiotherapy works from a top down approach. Podiatry is a bottom up approach starting with your toes. Often we see issues with the foot, legs and lower back that are driven by imbalance in the feet. Podiatry can provide solutions that can resolve issues in isolation as part of a phyiso and reconditioning pathway.

Orthotics, if required can be provided at an additional cost.


The perfect adjunct to physiotherapy and reconditioning. Ideal if you’re suffering from the usual aches and strains or looking to keep training niggles at bay. Sports Massage is deep tissue manipulation aiming to flush out toxins, revitalise your muscles and keep your body moving correctly and efficiently.

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