Tom is a 46 year old tradesman who had a long history of shoulder pain. He sustained a pectoral tear aged 25 as a power lifter. He had experienced pain on and off in the shoulder since then. As a tradesman he just thought this was an occupational hazard. He carried on working as he was self-employed and could not take the time off. Over a six month period the pain increased and was stopping him raising the arm overhead or carrying anything heavy.

What Strong Lines Did – We love these types of injuries as they get better quickly. We performed a symptom modification assessment and achieved pain free shoulder movement in one session. We tweaked some compensatory movement patterns that had crept in due to pain in the shoulder. We applied spinal manipulation techniques to restore movement, strengthened weak areas, stretched tight areas and created a program for him to take away and apply as part of an ongoing training schedule designed to maintain the shoulder mechanics. This took four weeks.

The Outcome – The patient implemented the program and amended his routine and technique accordingly. He could lift and enjoyed being able to carry on with his work pain free.


‘My work is my income. I was frustrated and worried when I had to stop due to my shoulder pain. Strong Lines put a realistic plan into place and moulded it to me and my lifestyle’. 

Tom, 46


Bill is a 45 year old male triathlete with a history of sporadic disabling low back pain. He came to us in severe pain. The patient could not stand up. It took him 20 minutes to get out of bed every morning and he struggled to sleep. Medications were helping a bit. He had pins and needles into the right foot with widespread numbness down the right leg with some right ankle weakness.

What Strong Lines Did – Assessed, diagnosed and treated within 24 hours of initial contact. We opened the Strong Lines toolbox and provided manual therapy techniques including massage, joint mobilisation, movement facilitation, Acupuncture and TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation). We also implemented exercise and aqua therapy that progressed as rapidly as the patients recovery. We also worked with the GP in the use of prescribed medication.

The Outcome – From being in acute pain unable to stand upright the patient was back in the pool on day five. He was back playing sport specific activity in three weeks and back running, cycling and swimming to his pre-injury status at week six. He remains pain free to this day and has set a new PB for his Olympic triathlon.


‘I had been plagued by back pain over the years with these crippling bouts of acute pain but now I can hit the training as hard as I like. Strong Lines has helped me make the necessary changes to my training, lifestyle and my body and enabled me to push myself harder than I ever thought possible’.

Bill, 45


Susan is a 38 year old, part-time travel consultant using a computer. Mother of two. A competitive golfer and enjoys swimming. She had a six year history of left elbow pain. She was struggling to take part in golf and her game was suffering. Her pain was impacting her enjoyment of swimming and her ability to keep up with her children!

What Strong Lines Did – We have an excellent protocol for this type of injury. With any long standing condition, we look at the patient as a whole and strive to remove the underlying cause that is driving the pain. In this case the pain was a symptom of a larger problem. We worked very closely with her golf coach to alter her swing as she had a tendency to bend her elbows too much, gripping heavily towards ball contact causing her to thin the ball when fatigued and ended up topping if playing through pain. We applied manual therapy techniques. Spinal manipulation. Taping techniques. Most importantly we worked to restore proper mechanics of the spine and shoulder so that she could swing more powerfully from her torso rather than striking at the ball with her arms.

The Outcome – After six weeks of treatment and rehabilitation, carried out both in clinic and in her own time, she could enjoy a competitive pain free round of golf. She could use her computer without pain, swim freely and give her children a run for their money playing tennis on the Nintendo Wii!


‘I was really struggling on a daily basis with my elbow but I quickly saw improvements which was so encouraging. I had the pain for ages and just thought it was something I’d have to live with but Strong Lines sorted it’.

Susan, 38


William is a 17 year old male with a knee injury consisting of an anterior cruciate ligament tear (ACL) and medial meniscus tear sustained during rugby pre-season training. The player is involved at a good level of rugby and pressure was on as he was possibly going to be selected for the next level in his sporting career that season.

What Strong Lines Did – Assessed, diagnosed and treated at first contact. Due to having good relationships with local doctors and consultants we could make a quick referral to a consultant orthopaedic surgeon who authorised an MRI scan and booked the patient in for surgery. The patient was referred directly back to Strong Lines to undergo rehabilitation of the ACL reconstruction and medial meniscus repair.

The Outcome – Surgery is not something Strong Lines recommends easily, but in this case, it was absolutely necessary. Injuries of this nature can take upward of six months to resolve after surgical repair. This patient passed the return to sport criteria and was back to sport specific activity at month three and fully returned to sport at month five. He remains injury free to this day playing high level rugby.


‘My knee feels fantastic. I was scared that after such a big injury I would not be able to play rugby to a high standard any more but now I am back and stronger than ever’.

William, 17

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