We are Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Specialists. This means that if you are in pain, we can help. Whilst you will have fun with us, that’s inevitable, we take pain very seriously. Your body is your interface with the world around you. Pain will have an impact on this interaction. Our aim is to give you freedom to enjoy your environment to the fullest and lead the active lifestyle you deserve.


Our treatment philosophies are 100% orientated around getting you better quickly. We do this by using the most up to date physiotherapy and strength & conditioning techniques, effectively implemented, in a way that suits your lifestyle. From experience we are acutely aware of how pain can affect every aspect of your life. Our aim is to provide you with a service you can trust in your hour of need and our dedicated rehabilitation facility reflects this. Strong Lines is your home for all your rehabilitation needs.


As Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Specialists we treat pain and dysfunction associated with your bones, joints, soft tissues e.g. muscles, tendons and ligaments and the nerves that control them. You may have sustained your injury taking part in sport, due to an accident, or it has just crept up on you and is now taking over your body.

Edward Crawfurd FRCS - Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

As an Orthopaedic Surgeon I rely on Physiotherapists to treat many of my patients with sporting or degenerative joint disease.

I have used Fred Braithwaite and his colleagues for many years and am very happy with their professional approach and clinical skills and so remain very happy to refer my patients onto them.


Shabin Joshi and Hussien Mohamed El-Maghraby - Consultant Neurosurgeon and Spinal Surgeon

We would like to officially thank you for providing excellent physiotherapy care to our patients. Your services have been timely, targeted  and extremely professional. Please continue to provide good support. Thank you.



Strong Lines believe in the effective application of physiotherapy and strength and conditioning techniques to get you better quicker. Your Strong Lines toolbox will therefore depend on your condition and your specific stage in the healing process. The application of these tools is grounded in clinical trials that have been carried out to prove their effectiveness. With this in mind we can provide you with the exact treatment you need, apply it in a way that has been proven to work and ensure you are back to your usual self in the quickest time possible.

So that we can provide the service that you deserve we have a dedicated rehabilitation suite so that all your requirements are taken care of under one roof. Being in pain is stressful enough. Let Strong Lines help you through it.


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